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    UPDATED: 1.47am, 27th August , 2012 (Tahiti time)

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Joel Parko’s Tahitian Style - Billabong Pro Day One

18 August 2012 Posted in Blog Lifestyle

You only flew in the night before the contest started… you left your run pretty late?

I did, yeah. I did but, you know, I did a lot of time in Fiji after the event there and I surfed a lot over there and I felt really comfortable leaving there with my surfing, and I figured I’d surfed enough tropical lefthanders to be able to come in late if the forecast wasn’t good, and that’s what happened. I would have changed if the forecast was good, but was really enjoying the time at home with the family and I’ve got so much time away from home coming up that days at home are pretty special right now.

How was your freesurf this morning?

I got a couple. One nice one. Then I got a quick warm up. Sometimes it’s better – and just look at Kelly – to turn up on the day. Get in the night before and get straight into it. Sometime I think you’re more aware competitively. You haven’t over-thought it, a heat’s a heat and the basic way to win a heat is catch two good waves. But I’ve been here 18 hours and I’m bored already. I’ve surfed a heat for one of those hours, been bored for six of them and been asleep for the rest

Shane-o’s reading material.

Your first round heat  (against Kai Otton and Ricardo Santos)  seemed to flow pretty well.

There was a little part there where I needed a score, and with three people in a heat you can get antsy because there’s so much to be aware of. In a man-on-man heat you look at the ocean and where you’re sitting and you can block everything out, but in a three-man heat you need eyes in the back of your head. Just making sure you’re not too deep and all those little things, there’s so much going on in three-man heats when there’s not a lot of good waves. But I’m just enjoying going left. I’ve surfed more lefts this year than rights, and, you know what, I hate going right! I’d much prefer to go left; I’ve been going right my whole life.

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