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Mick Fanning and The Flying Boat, Teahupoo

27 August 2012 Posted in Interviews Surfers

By Mike Jennings

A couple of days ago on a particularly quiet lay-day during the Billabong Pro Tahiti, Mick got himself into a flying boat and took a few photos of Teahupoo and its surrounds from above

CW: So tell us about this hang-glider thing. Your photos are great.

MF: It's pretty classic Alain Riou's dad, George, he's got a rubber duckie with a hang-glider attached to it, and then a big fan as the engine on the back. He got it maybe about four or five years ago, you sort of need pretty still conditions to get up in it otherwise it sort of drops in and out, so in those photos when we had no wind it was perfect.

Flying Billabong Pro Tahiti judges tower // Photo: MickFanning.com.au

I was in the line-up when you flew over and the hang-glider boat looked pretty damn small, and it was going pretty high. I'd be freaking out.

The first time I did it I was pretty sketched but then once you get it through your head that it's like a hang-glider, so if the engine cuts out you're gonna just glide down anyway and then you're with the boat as well, so once you get that through your head you're pretty sweet.

Does it feel like it's going super fast up there?

Not really. You know when you're on a plane you might be doing 500 kilometres an hour but it feels like you're going so slow because of the reference, but it does do about 80 kays an hour.

Have you seen one of these before or is this the only place you've seen one?

When George was buying it we didn't know what he was on about, we thought he was crazy and then... Read the full interview and all photos over at CoastalWatch.com

The town of Teahupoo, at the river mouth you can see a little wave that the local kids rip into // Photo: MickFanning.com.au