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    UPDATED: 1.47am, 27th August , 2012 (Tahiti time)

Can you believe all these surfboards are for just one surfer? Yes, that’s right. This is Joel Parkinson’s Billabong Pro, Tahiti quiver. It was shipped more than a month ago. The pic above shows the boards in the final stage of their journey, bundled to be dropped on the doorstep Parko’s Teahupo’o residence, ready for him when he steps off the plane.

Excess? Or ... Experience?

14 August 2012 Posted in Blog Surfers

We count at least 20 boards on the back of the truck. Do you?

To the recreational surfer, this many boards for two weeks in Tahiti might appear excessive, but if we do the math it suddenly kind of makes sense.

Okay, let’s assume …

  • The contest can run in waves ranging anywhere from 2ft to 12ft.
  • Parko has five different board lengths he likes, ensuring he is equipped for anything in that size range, and each board will likely differ by two or three inches. So we’ll say he has asked for a 5’11, 6’1, 6’3, 6’6 and 6’9. Total 5 surfboards
  • Teahupo’o breaks boards at any size, so he will need a replica of every board, just in case. Total 10 surfboards
  • But what if the surf is the same size and he’s required to ride the same size model for the entire two weeks? Two boards is not enough! Heck, sometimes an unlucky surfer will break two boards in 10 minutes at Teahupo’o! So that means he needs at minimum, three in each size! Total 15 surfboards.
  • But what if it’s eight foot the day he gets off the plane and he does break, or damage, three boards in a row? Better throw in a few extra, just in case … Total 18 surfboards.
  • And hang on, what if some of those boards simply don’t perform to his liking? What if he is experimenting with boards of the same length but with slightly different widths, or tail configurations? Total 20+ surfboards.

You get the drift.

Don’t even get us started on the stickers …