Benjamin Sanchis and Mundaka

January 19 2012 | Posted in Blog


Benjamin Sanchis and Mundaka
First surfed Mundaka:
15 years ago
How many surfs out there:
Maybe 100
What was your initial reaction when you found you’d been invited to the first Mundaka Challenge?
Well it was a yes, obviously. To get invited to the Mundaka Challenge is just a dream. As soon as I found out I had a chance to compete, something I do rarely, I was so stoked, especially at one of my favourite places in the world.
What are you looking forward to the most?
To wait three months means that the event will score absolutely perfect waves. And with 6 man heats, can you imagine surfing perfect Mundaka with just five other surfers? The only time that’s happened is when I’ve paddled out in the absolute pitch dark at 6.00 in the morning. To be waiting out there on the peak for an hour with just five guys in perfect Mundaka will be insane, probably a once-in-a lifetime opportunity.
Who would you pick as favourite to win the event?
Well invitee list is pretty amazing. I’m not sure who will be able to make it, but I’m sure most surfers, no matter who they are or where they live, will do most anything to get here and be apart of the first ever Mundaka Challenge. The locals will be hard to beat, they know the wave so well and surf it every time it’s on.  
What’s your dream scenario?
I’ll just try and sit and wait for a bomb. Whoever gets the bombs should do well. I’m not too worried about the competitive side of things so much, I do very few contests so just am excited about getting some great waves and hanging in Mundaka. It will be insane.