Supertubes One Shot

July 27 2011 | Posted in Event Information

Billabong, in association with Zigzag, is stoked to announce the continuation of the Supertubes One Shot competition for 2011. Based off last year’s incredibly successful campaign which saw over 700 individual submissions, this year will again open up the playing field to give anyone a shot at nailing the Billabong Pro J-Bay 2012 event signature poster image as well as US$2000 in prize money.

The competition is open to anyone with a camera, from the professional to the amateur and affords an opportunity to showcase your photographic skill to the world. The winning image, as decided by a panel of local and international Billabong design and marketing peeps will become the signature poster image for the 2012 edition of the Billabong Pro J-Bay and will used in all event marketing and communications, as well as on event site branding and official event merchandise. Over and above this, the winner will walk away with a styling $2000 in prize money.


It’s simple. We are looking for the single best image that encapsulates the Billabong Pro J-Bay to be used as the signature image for next year’s Billabong Pro 2012. It can be anything from an action shot, a rifling line-up, an amazing lifestyle or any unique perspective on the competition including the competitors, spectators, the wave – or any of these combined.

Although the bulk of the action will go down over the contest dates from 14-24 July, you are allowed to submit images from previous years, as well as anything in and around the contest period this year. The only criteria is your images have to be uploaded by the cut-off date at 5pm on Monday 1st August 2012.

(Tip: Billabong are looking for a signature image for next year’s event, so the entries you submit need to be able to work for this i.e a great prize giving pic of Occy in 1998 won’t be usable)


  • Anyone can enter. You don’t need to be a professional photog. It’s a fair playing field for anyone with a creative eye and the privilege of catching that magic moment.
  • You are allowed to submit a maximum of ten entries. All entries are automatically uploaded in the gallery on this website.
  • One image will be chosen as the winner, and the photographer will receive US$2000 prize money (approx R15 000).
  • Billabong also reserves the right not to select a winner if none of the submitted images are deemed fit for their Billabong Pro J-Bay 2012 campaign.
  • Billabong will own all rights to the winning image, (accrediting the photographer of course) to be used across all event marketing platforms, and the winning image will be used for the 2012 Billabong Pro J-Bay campaign.

So get yourself down to Supers for the event, and get shooting!


Simply sign up as a member on this page by clicking the link, and then upload your photos. Easy as that!